How to Resume a Friendship With a Long Lost Friend or Acquaintance

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Getting Back in Touch With a Friend

It's always a special feeling when you reconnect with an old friend. Whether it's been a few months or a few decades since you last spoke, the warmth and familiarity of a long-lost friendship can be a welcome addition to your life. As we go through life, it's natural for friendships to come and go. We may drift apart due to distance, busy schedules, or simply growing apart.

But sometimes, there are those special friends that we just can't forget. They have made a lasting impact on our lives and we have a deep desire to reconnect with them. That's where the power of the written word comes in. Sending a letter to a long-lost friend can be a meaningful way to reconnect and start a conversation again. It's a chance to express your feelings, share your life updates, and reconnect with someone you care about.

How to Craft a Note or Email to a Friend You Haven't Contacted in a Long Time

First, it's important to acknowledge the gap in communication. This can be as simple as stating "It's been a while since we last spoke" or "I realize it's been a long time since we've been in touch." This helps to ease any potential awkwardness and shows that you understand the passage of time.

Rather than jumping straight into introducing yourself and what has been going on in your life over the last few years, start by asking questions about your friend's life, this will show that you care about them Try asking questions such as “What have been some of the most exciting things that have happened in your life since we last talked?” or “How has work been going? Any big changes I should know about?”

Next, share your life updates. This can be a brief summary of what you've been up to or a more detailed account of any major life events. This helps to give your friend a sense of where you’re in your life and allows them to catch up on what they may have missed.

It's also important to express your genuine desire to reconnect. This can be as simple as stating "I've been thinking about you and would love to catch up" or "I value our friendship and would love to reconnect." This helps to show your friend that you truly care about maintaining the relationship.

Finally, be open to any response your friend may have. They may be interested in rekindling the relationship, or they may not be interested in maintaining contact. It's important to respect their decision and be understanding of whatever response they may have.

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Get Back in Touch With an Old Friend: Messages Examples

Writing a Letter to Someone You Haven't Seen in Awhile

Dear (Michelle),

It's been a while since we last spoke or saw one another, with all the time that has passed, I think it has been around (6) years now if my memory serves me correctly?

I was going through some old things I had in storage and came across our old school yearbook (or write a similar reason that you thought of this old friend). I was flipping through the pages when I came across your photo (and a photo of us together).

My little trip down memory lane made me wonder what you have been up to all these years, where are you living now and what has life brought to you after all this time? Are you married? Any children?

I am now living in (Paris) with my (husband/boyfriend/wife etc.) (name) and we have been (dating/married) for (2) years now. I met (him/her) in (London) and (he/she) was working in (Paris) at the time. Things went from there and now we are happy, enjoying life and all its wonderful new beginnings together.

On the work front, I am (use this area to talk a little about your current work, what you do etc.). What about you? Tell me a little about what you are doing!

I have (enclosed/attached) some current photos of me and (name of partner), if you have any recent photos I would love to see them!

I hope to hear back from you, really looking forward to learning all about what you have been up to and where you have been all this time!

All the best,

(your name)

Keep in Touch Message Simple Template

Dear [Friend's Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I've been thinking about you lately and wanted to reach out and see how you've been doing. It's been a while since we last spoke, but I've always valued our friendship and would love to catch up.

I've been [briefly summarize your life updates]. How have you been? What have you been up to lately?

I know we've been out of touch for a while, but I hope you'll consider keeping in touch. Whether it's a phone call, video chat, or just a quick message, I'd love to hear from you and stay connected.

Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.


Your friend [NAME]

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