What to Say in a Goodbye Letter to Friends and Family ?

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Bon Voyage Messages Farewell (For an overseas travel plans) - Free Example and Writing Tips

Dear (friends/family etc.),

Well, that time has finally come, my months of extensive planning have finally paid off and the long awaited exploration to (Africa, India & Asia Etc.) is about to begin!

I would like to take this moment to write this letter as a farewell but also as an invitation for new beginnings, which I hope to share with you in my daily Trip Diary.

I have set up a blog at (myblog) where at the end of every day, I plan to spend a moment to share with you all what my new discoveries and adventures have been for the day.

This is my little way of keeping you close to me when I will be so far away for the next (12) months.

I will miss you during my time away, our times of laughter and support when we needed it, and simply the joys of friendship that we have been lucky enough to find in one another. I hope that during my time away, you will think of me often and send me a little hello from time to time.

I want to thank you for all the times that you have been there for me when I wasn't able to think straight and hope that upon my return, we will be able to pick up again where we left off, with the little extra benefits that I will have so many more stories to tell!

From me, I wish you only the best of times in this year ahead, may you enjoy new beginnings as well, perhaps with a little inspiration from my adventures to spur you on and make new discoveries right here where you are.

I hope that you will succeed in your work and personal life and that these next (12) months will be memorable and productive for you in the ways that you hope they will be.

I look forward to catching up on all your adventures when I return and reconnecting with you in person after our time apart.

Be well, stay in touch and see you from (India)!

Much love,

(your name).

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