How to Write a Letter : Resignation, Thank you, Greetings, Complaint, Speech

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Writing a resignation letter? Claiming unfair dismissal? or reporting pay errors? Want to send a letter to your financial advisor, to your child's headmaster, to cancel a service ? Look no further !

From professional business needs to personal needs, somewhere in our vast range of free sample letters is a topic that suits you! Say thank you, lodge a complaint or apologise to someone!

Our letters should be adapted according to your situation. We currently have over 100+ free sample letter templates.

Before consulting our letter templates, learn the basics; with our tips on how to write a letter.

Personal Letter Examples to Download in Word Format

Greetings - Wishes - Congratulations - Invitation

greetings cards

Free letter samples for birthdays, Weddings, Christmas, Condolences, Congratulations, Invitation, Valentine's Day, Mother's day, etc.

>> 25+ Greetings Letters Samples

Thank You Letters

thank you letters

Free samples letters to thank someone (friend, professor, employer). Our letters are easily transformed to be able to become your own personal text, etc.

>> 10+ Thank You Letters Samples

Personal and Intimate letters

personal letters

Collection of sincere and thought provoking letters including a Classic love letter, Break up text, Simple goodbye message, Apology letter to a friend and much more.

>> 10+ Personal Letters Samples