What to Write in a Birth Congratulations Card (Girl or Boy)

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Sweet Text Messages to Congratulate the Parents for Having a New Baby

Dear (Adam & Amie),

We would like to take this little moment to send over to you both a big congratulations on the birth of (name of baby), your new baby (boy/girl), you new bundle of love!

We wish you all the best in health, happiness and joy on this new path of becoming parents.

Your daily lives will change and evolve, everything is so new, but the joys of parenthood are before you, a long journey full of learning, patience, support and laughter, the ingredients every family needs sprinkled with lots of love!

We are so very happy for you both and (mother's name) you were so at ease during your pregnancy, full of anticipation mixed with joy yet emanating such confidence.

You were radiant like all mother's hope to be and your natural instincts of motherhood will, we are sure, guide you effortlessly through your new motherly duties!

Your wonderful little one must be the perfect little mix of (father's humour/good looks etc.) and (mother's beautiful eyes etc.) and we can't wait to come and see this wonderful new addition to your family!

Much love,

(your name)

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