How to write a Break-Up Letter ? How To End An Affair ?

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Breaking Up Message for Him or Her- Free Example and Writing Tips

Dear (Mike),

I have given things much thought, and over these last few (days/weeks etc.) my feelings for you have changed and are no longer what they once were.

I had hoped to be able to speak with you face to face but after the last few exchanges we have had, that became harder and harder for me to bring myself to do.

I do hope that you will accept this letter and be able to understand my reasons for ending our relationship.

I believe that I know what I want in a partner and also in a best friend to accompany me through my exciting journey called ‘life'.

When we met, I was so happy to meet someone who seemed to have the same visions as me, we seemed to almost see the same things in our futures, as individuals only complimenting one another, however, as time has passed, I feel that you miss-led me.

I do not see these common paths between us and more but I do see that you are simply just someone very different from me. I feel that we are just not compatible when it comes to our life goals and future hopes.

We seem to be going at opposite directions, with opposite beliefs.

I really wish to be clear that there is absolutely nothing negative in what I feel, merely an observation that became apparent as I am searching for that special person who will compliment me....and I simply do not believe it to be you.

You deserve someone who feels differently and can give you the love that you need in the way that you need. I have accepted that I am not that person and I hope that you can see that too.

I wish you all the best,

Take care

(your name)

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