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Recommendation Letter Easy to adapt for Medical Assistant, Medical Receptionist

To whom it may concern:

I had the opportunity to work closely with Julian for one year during his five years at Sacred Heart.

Julian worked at the desk next to my cabin and we collaborated on several emergency projects together. I believe Julian to be an excellent team player and caring, hardworking individual, making him the perfect coworker.

Julian used his initiative, taking on more than his share of tasks. Any treatments he was assigned were completed way above standards. A quick learner, Julian always had a head start with regards to his work. It was a pleasure to work with him, as the management always praised the treatments on which we worked together.

Also, Julian was friendly with everybody in the office and he had a good relationship with everyone, making him a likable character.

I highly recommend Julian for any position he may decide to take up next. He is the type of employee that anyone would be glad to have on their team.

Yours truly,

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