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Recommendation Letter Easy to adapt for Hotel Receptionist, Front Desk, Waitress, Server

To whom it may concern:

I strongly recommend Nathan for employment as a member of your waiting team. He has shown to be an excellent worker here at Gordon's Restaurant and we were sorry to hear that his studies are taking him out of the region.

Nathan was a welcome addition to our team from day one and during the two years he has worked here has distinguished himself as a quick learner, competent worker and overall a bright young man. Always punctual, he often volunteered to cover the shifts of his colleagues when there was need.

Nathan has a pleasant, good tempered spirit and keeps calm in stressful situations. On one especially busy night, during which two other servers called in sick, I remember he serving a dozen tables at once, keeping every customer happy. He made it all look effortless!

I wish him all the best in his future.

Best regards,

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