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Recommendation Letter Easy to adapt for Salesperson, Marketing Assistant

To whom it may concern:

Gabriella Soliss worked under my supervision at Johnson Technologies for a period of four years, ending in October 2005. During this period, I had the pleasure of seeing her progress from a marketing trainee into a fully fledged [...].

Gabriella is a hard-working young woman who understands the aims and outcomes of a project from the beginning and is effective in seeing these aims through, always completing them on time.

She is resourceful and dynamic and has particular ability with problem solving, she functioned very well as in her capacity as team leader.

Gabriella is friendly and gets along as well with the staff under her supervision as colleagues at her own level. She is highly respected, both as a personally and professionally.

It is therefore with pleasure that I recommend Gabriella Soliss for a position with your company.

Yours Faithfully,

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