Medical Administrative Assistant Job Cover Letter Free Example

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Subject : Application for the position of [Job]

Dear Dr. (name),

I today came across the advertisement in my local medical journal (name of publication). I recently graduated from (name of school) university and am currently working at (name of medical center/doctor etc.) as a medical assistant.

I have over my (number) months here, enjoyed expanding my knowledge in the medical field, learning and perfecting my duties as the office administrative assistant. I have been able to meet and learn about each, individual, patient, while providing him or her with the targeted medical attention that they need.

I have strong interpersonal skills, which have proven to help put nervous patients or first time patients at ease for their required medical procedure.

My duties have also included some back office tasks such as insurance related help to patients. All this has during this time allowed me to learn and appreciate the vast scope of medical related duties, both hands on as well as behind the scenes that are a vital part of this job.

I am hoping to be able to gain my (name) certification in the not so distant future so I am seeking a fresh challenge in a larger medical office, where I may be able to grow with the company over time.

I am available for immediate hire; I very much hope to hear from you and thank you for your time today.



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