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Easy to adapt for Dental Internship, Entry Level fresh graduate, no experience

Dear Dr. Beecham,

I am writing in response to the post advertised in Medical eye Magazine (ref. RD5CDC) for the position of junior dental assistant within your practice.

I enclose a copy of my Curriculum Vitiate along with the equal opportunities monitoring form as set out in the job specification.

Having recently graduated I am very eager to begin my journey into the working world. I recently undertook an observation period in a range of different practices in order to better equip me for future positions.

This position interests me greatly as it is close to my home town and within a clinic that specialises in family dental treatment, in particular children and young people. I really enjoy with young children and as a result of my observation period within a family practice in London, I am very eager to contintue working within this field.

I believe I can bring an enthusiastic, patient and eager assistant to your practice.

Do not hesitate to contact me should you require any other information.

Yours Sincerely,

Rebecca Holland


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