Dialysis Patient Care Technician Job Cover Letter Free Example

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Easy to adapt for Dialysis Tech Internship, Entry Level fresh graduate, no experience

Dear (Ms. Nichols),

I came across your advertisement today (online) / (in the Times Newspaper) for the available position of a Dialysis Technician at (St. Mary's Medical Centre).

I have been working at (current place of employment) for (4) years/months now and have been searching for a new work environment where I may be able to further excel and develop my professional experiences.

I hold a (Nursing) degree from (name of college/university) which I have used to gain my Dialysis accreditation (and: list any further areas of specialization that you hold).

I am highly organized, good at being a member of a highly efficient and tight knit team who enjoys working in a precision related environment, hoping to be able to interview for this position offered by you in person for a more in depth understanding of what the job expectations are and to demonstrate my capabilities further.

I have enclosed for you a copy of my C.V (U.K) / Resume (U.S.A) for your further consideration.

I am sure that I would benefit (name of hospital or similar) and become a valued member of the Dialysis department.

Thank you for your time today,

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


(Your full name)

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