Auto Mechanic Job Cover Letter Free Example

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Dear (Sir/Madame),

I would like to take a moment of your time to present myself to you for consideration for the Mechanic position available at (name of company), as listed in the job search section of (the New York Times etc.).

I have been working for the last (3) years at (Name of current place of employment) as a (name of position). Over this period I have had various responsibilities focussed around maintenance and restoration services on (list the type of) vehicles as well as (here mention any particular area of specialised service or expertise that you have such as hydraulics etc.).

I have also taken a course in (list the relevant education you might have) which has provided me with extended knowledge of (give further details) and I am confident that this added insight would prove to be an added bonus with the rest of your team of mechanics at (name of company).

Please find enclosed my (C.V/Resume) with my career history, work experience and areas of specialisation within the industry which I believe will greatly benefit the team.

I would like to be able to meet in person to be able to discuss this opportunity further and demonstrate my enthusiasm for the trade in person.


(Your name/signature)

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