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Dear Sir/Madame,

I recently came across the listing concerning the job vacancy available for a service manager position at (HDC Motors). I have been looking for some time to find an opening available at a prestigious company such as (HDC Motors) and was therefore very excited to read of the need by your company to fill this position with somebody who sounds like I am just the person for the job.

I am currently employed at (Name of company) where I have been their (name of position) for the last (amount of time employed). I do not feel sufficiently challenged despite the wonderful working environment of the company and my co-workers and hence why I am looking for the change.

I enjoy communicating with customers, learning their individual needs and efficiently finding or creating solutions to their specific automobile problems. I aim to create a sense of comfort for the customer that makes them enjoy dealing with me and in turn, the company I am representing. This trust building creates loyal clients and satisfied customers.

I believe that the customer must be kept informed at every step of the service procedure of their vehicle so that there are no hidden costs or other surprises for them at the time of their pick up and payment. This constant monitoring I believe is just as important when dealing with the team of mechanics and technicians working on the vehicles.

I have enclosed my (CV/Resume) for your consideration and I very much hope to be able to meet you for a formal interview and further discussion regarding the position.

I don't think that you will be disappointed to add me to your dedicated team.


(Your name/signature)

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