Termination of the employment of an employee - Free Example

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How to Write a Termination Letter to Fire an Employee

Dear (name),

We would like to inform you that, unfortunately, due to various cost cutting measures we have recently been required to take, we will no longer be able to keep you as (position) with us at (name of company).

This decision was a difficult one to make as you have been a steady, hard worker, successfully working with your team throughout your time with us but as your one year contract is coming to an end in 2 months time, we have decided not to renew.

All your contractual benefits will be met and transferred to you as due. Please do not hesitate to contact the HR department or myself should you have any further questions.

We wish you all the very best in the future and for your new job which will benefit from your loyal dedication and hard working ethics. Should you need any job references we will be happy to help.


(name + job position)

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