How to Write a Residential Rental Lease Termination Letter (Apartment or House)

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What is a Notice to Vacate Letter and when to send it?

A Notice to Vacate Letter is a document that a tenant or landlord sends to the other party to inform them that they will be vacating the rental property. A tenant may send a Notice to Vacate Letter to a landlord to inform them that they will be moving out at the end of their lease term or giving the required notice to end the tenancy early. A landlord may also send a Notice to Vacate Letter to a tenant to inform them that they must vacate the rental property by a certain date, often due to a violation of the terms of the lease or other reasons allowed by law.

In most cases, a tenant is required to give a certain amount of notice to their landlord before vacating the property. This notice period is usually specified in the lease agreement and can range from 30 days to 90 days, depending on the state and the terms of the lease. It’s important for tenants to give sufficient notice to their landlord so that they have time to find a new tenant and avoid any potential financial penalties.

A landlord may also be required to give a certain amount of notice to a tenant before requesting that they vacate the property. This notice period is usually specified by state law and can range from 30 days to 60 days or more depending on the circumstances. It’s important for landlords to give sufficient notice to their tenants to allow them time to find a new place to live and avoid any potential legal consequences.

Cancelling a Lease Agreement: Writing Tips for Crafting the Perfect Letter

If you need to terminate a residential rental lease for an apartment or house (as a tenant) , you should start by reviewing the terms of your lease agreement. Most lease agreements will specify the notice period required for terminating the lease early. In many cases, you will be required to give 30 days' notice, although some leases may require longer notice periods. To write a residential rental lease termination letter, you should include the following information:

  1. The date of the letter
  2. Your name and contact information
  3. The address of the rental property
  4. The date on which you plan to vacate the property
  5. A statement indicating that you’re terminating the lease agreement
  6. The reason for terminating the lease (if applicable)
  7. A request that the landlord confirm receipt of the letter

It’s important to be professional and courteous when writing a lease termination letter, even if you’re unhappy with the landlord or the rental property. You should also be sure to keep a copy of the letter for your own records.

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Need to Craft a Notice of Lease Termination? Use Our Free Template Letters

Tenant's Notice of Intent to Vacate: An Example Letter to Landlord

Dear [Landlord's Name],

I am writing to inform you that I will be vacating the rental property at [Address] on [Date]. I am hereby formally terminating the lease agreement that we have in place.

I understand that, according to the terms of the lease, I am required to provide [Number] days' notice before vacating the apartment. I am sending this letter well in advance of that deadline to give you ample time to make the necessary arrangements.

The reason for my decision to terminate the lease is [Reason for Termination]. While I have enjoyed living at this property, [Explain Reason for Termination].

I request that you confirm receipt of this letter and provide me with any necessary instructions for returning the keys to the rental property. I will also ensure that the property is left in clean and undamaged condition, as required by the lease.

I would like to express my appreciation for the time we have spent together as landlord and tenant. I have appreciated your professionalism and understanding during my tenancy.

Should you have any questions regarding the state of the apartment please do not hesitate to contact me on my mobile [phone]. My new address is [address].

Thank you for your understanding.


[Your Name]

Sample Notice to Vacate Letter from Landlord to Tenant

Dear [Tenant],

I am writing to inform you that your tenancy at [rental property address] will be terminated as of [date]. This termination is necessary due to your repeated failure to pay rent on time.

As you are aware, your lease agreement requires that rent be paid by the 1st of every month. Despite multiple reminders, you have consistently failed to make timely rent payments. Your outstanding balance currently stands at $[amount], and you have failed to make any effort to pay this debt.

Under the terms of your lease, your tenancy may be terminated for non-payment of rent. Therefore, I am left with no choice but to ask you to vacate the property by [date]. If you do not vacate by this date, I will be forced to take legal action to have you removed from the property.

I understand that this may be an inconvenient situation for you, but your failure to pay rent has left me with no other option. I hope that you will make arrangements to vacate the property in an orderly and timely manner.



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