How to Write a Complaint Letter About Undelivered Goods after a Purchase?

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When to send a claim for a delayed delivery to the seller?

If you experience a delayed delivery on an order from an online seller, it’s important to take prompt action. Once it becomes clear that the package won’t arrive as expected, make sure to reach out to the seller and let them know about the situation.

Depending on their specific policy, you may be eligible for a refund or other kind of compensation if you send a claim within the specified timeframe. The sooner you do so, the better your chances are of getting your money back or another item soon! This should also serve as a reminder to review a seller's return policy before making any purchases in the future.

Writing Tips for Crafting an Effective Claim Letter for a Delayed Delivery

If you have purchased goods that weren’t delivered, you may want to consider writing a complaint letter to the seller or supplier. Here are some tips for writing a complaint letter about undelivered goods:

  1. Start by clearly and concisely stating the problem. Explain that you bought goods that weren’t delivered.
  2. Include details about the purchase, such as the date of the transaction, the seller or supplier's name, and any relevant purchase numbers or receipts.
  3. Describe the steps you have taken so far to resolve the issue, such as contacting the seller or supplier or attempting to track the delivery.
  4. Explain how the undelivered items have caused you inconvenience or hardship and request a specific resolution, such as a refund or replacement products.
  5. Keep a copy of the letter for your records, and send the original via registered mail to ensure it’s received.

If you don’t receive a satisfactory response or resolution to your complaint, you may want to consider seeking legal advice or contacting a consumer protection agency for assistance.

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Complaint Letter/Email to Supplier for Late Delivery: Free Example & Templates

Complaint Email Regarding Delay in Delivery of Goods

Dear [Seller/Supplier],

I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with the recent purchase I made from your company. On [date], I purchased [goods] and paid a total of [amount] for them. However, to my disappointment, the goods have not been delivered to me as of [date].

I have tried to contact your company to inquire about the status of my delivery, but I have not received a response. I have also attempted to track the delivery using the information provided, but it has not been successful.

In addition I have received no confirmation of a delay nor any other correspondence. I would appreciate if you could provide me with additional details of this case.

The undelivered goods have caused me significant inconvenience, as I was relying on them for [reason]. I am requesting a full refund of the purchase price, as I do not feel that I should be responsible for paying for goods that I have not received.

I would appreciate a prompt resolution to this issue. If I do not receive a satisfactory response within [number] days, I will consider seeking legal advice or contacting a consumer protection agency for assistance.


[Your Name]

Delayed Delivery of Supplies on Site: Letter to Supplier

Dear [Supplier],

I am writing to express my disappointment with the recent delivery of materials to our site. The delay in receiving the [product] has caused significant delays in our project and I would like to bring this matter to your attention.

We placed an order for the [product] on [date] with a specified delivery date of [date]. However, the materials did not arrive until [date], causing delays in our work schedule. While we understand that delays can sometimes occur, the extended wait has had a negative impact on our project and has resulted in additional costs for labour and equipment rentals.

I am requesting compensation for the additional expenses incurred as a result of the late delivery. The delay has caused inconvenience and hardship for our company, and we believe that we are entitled to compensation to cover these costs.

I am confident that you share our commitment to meeting delivery deadlines and I would like to discuss ways to prevent similar issues in the future. I look forward to your response at your earliest convenience.


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