How to Write a Claim for a Warranty That Isn't Being Honored (Faulty Product)

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What to Do When Your Warranty Claim is Denied by the Seller?

If your warranty claim has been denied by the seller, it can be frustrating and disappointing. However, there are steps you can take to try to resolve the issue and get the repairs or replacements you’re entitled to under the warranty.

First, it’s important to carefully review the warranty terms and conditions to make sure you’re within the warranty period and that your claim meets all the requirements for coverage. If you believe your claim should be covered under the warranty, you should write a letter to the seller explaining why you think the warranty claim should be honored. If the seller still denies your claim after you have presented your case, you may want to consider reaching out to the manufacturer or a consumer protection agency for assistance.

Writing a Letter to Dispute a Warranty Denial: A Step-by-Step Guide

When you purchase a product with a warranty, you expect to be able to use it as intended and to have any defects or issues covered under the terms of the warranty. However, sometimes sellers may deny warranty claims, leaving you with a faulty product and no recourse for getting it repaired or replaced. Here is a guide on how to write a claim for a warranty that isn't being honored:

  1. Review the warranty terms and conditions: Before you begin the process of disputing a denied warranty claim, it’s crucial to make sure you’re within the warranty period and that your claim meets all the requirements for coverage. Review the terms and conditions of the warranty carefully to ensure that you’re eligible to make a claim.
  2. Gather relevant documentation: To strengthen your case, it’s helpful to have documentation to support your claim. This may include proof of purchase, repair estimates, and photographs of the faulty product.
  3. In your letter to the seller, explain why you believe your warranty claim should be honored. Outline the steps you have taken to try to resolve the issue, including any communications you have had with the seller or manufacturer. Make sure to clearly state your request for a specific resolution, such as repairs or a replacement, and explain why you believe this is appropriate.
  4. Keep a copy of the letter and any other documentation: It’s important to keep a copy of your letter and any other relevant documentation for your records. This will help you track the progress of your claim and have evidence to back up your case if you need to escalate the issue further.

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Writing to a Warranty Provider Who Refuses to Pay for Repairs: Our Examples

Template Letter to Address Issues with Your Warranty Dispute

Subject: WARRANTY FOR (name of product)

Dear (Mr/Mrs/Miss "X"),

I recently contacted your customer services department regarding my (product name) and the lack of cover available for the (product problem).

I explained in depth to (name of contact) in the Customer Services Department why I believe the (product name + part in question) should be covered within the warrantee.

(Reasons the warrantee should cover your problem + what action you want taken.)

I have enjoyed using the product and have not encountered this kind of negative customer service from your brand competitors such as (name a competitor brand) who I have proven to be a devoted customer for (number of years) before making the switch to try something new from (Name of this brand).

I am disappointed with the lack of interest I am receiving in regards to this issue; it certainly does not entice me to purchase other (Brand name) products in the future. After sales support in a product is extremely important for a customer and not something we as consumers which to be forced to dispute.

This incident has left me with a strong, negative brand image of (name of brand), one which is only highlighted by the fact that I don't feel my request is one so out of the ordinary. This issue should be included as a minimum when purchasing a (type of product), staying in line with what your competitors offer for a similar problem.

I await your response as soon as possible.

Should you remain negative, I too will remain negative and not be purchasing (brand name) products again.


(Your name & Signature)

Enclosed: Copy of the Purchase receipt.

Example of a Complaint Email Regarding a Warranty Dispute

Dear [Vendor],

I am writing to request that you honor my warranty claim for the [product name] that I purchased from your store on [date of purchase]. As per the terms of the warranty, I am entitled to repairs or a replacement for any defects or issues that arise with the product.

Unfortunately, the [product] has developed a [problem] and I have been unable to use it as intended. I have attempted to resolve this issue by [steps taken, such as contacting customer service or bringing the product in for repairs]. However, my warranty claim has been denied.

I strongly believe that my claim should be respected as the [product] is covered under the terms of the warranty and I have met all the requirements for coverage. To support my claim, I have included [list of relevant documentation, such as proof of purchase, repair estimates, and photographs of the faulty product].

I request that you please reconsider my warranty claim and provide me with the repairs or replacement that I am entitled to under the terms of the warranty. If you are unable to honor my claim, I would like to request a full refund for the purchase price of the [product].

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your response.


[Your name]

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