Faulty Product : How to Write a Warranty Letter ?

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Letter to Warranty Provider Who Is Refusing to Pay for Repairs - Free Example

Subject: WARRANTY FOR (name of product)

Dear (Mr/Mrs/Miss "X"),

I recently contacted your customer services department regarding my (product name) and the lack of cover available for the (product problem).

I explained in depth to (name of contact) in the Customer Services Department why I believe the (product name + part in question) should be covered within the warrantee.

(Reasons the warrantee should cover your problem + what action you want taken.)

I have enjoyed using the product and have not encountered this kind of negative customer service from your brand competitors such as (name a competitor brand) who I have proven to be a devoted customer for (number of years) before making the switch to try something new from (Name of this brand).

I am disappointed with the lack of interest I am receiving in regards to this issue; it certainly does not entice me to purchase other (Brand name) products in the future. After sales support in a product is extremely important for a customer and not something we as consumers which to be forced to dispute.

This incident has left me with a strong, negative brand image of (name of brand), one which is only highlighted by the fact that I don't feel my request is one so out of the ordinary. This issue should be included as a minimum when purchasing a (type of product), staying in line with what your competitors offer for a similar problem.

I await your response as soon as possible.

Should you remain negative, I too will remain negative and not be purchasing (brand name) products again.


(Your name & Signature)

Enclosed: Copy of the Purchase receipt.

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