How to Claim Compensation for Lost, Delayed or Damaged luggage - Free Example

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Sample Complaint Letter Requesting Reimbursement to an Airline after a Flight

Dear (name),

I recently returned to (London) from (San Francisco), via (New York) on flight (BA 342) & (BA 299) respectively, which arrived (day/month/year) at (time) at (London Gatwick Airport).

My luggage, which was supposed to be checked all the way through to my final destination, baggage tag No. (TKY0009248) has apparently been completely miss-placed and possibly off loaded in New York at (JFK).

The ground staff at the (Gatwick) lost luggage counter, where I spoke with a (Mr.Smith) informed me that they would be in touch within (24) hours to inform me of where and when my luggage would be tracked down and arriving.

It has been 3 days now; I have spoken to (Mr.Smith) numerous times since my arrival and (he) has absolutely no information for me as to the whereabouts of my luggage!

I find it completely unprofessional how in our world today with the security and technology available to you as a large airline can completely miss-place baggage.

I have already claimed via my insurance but the total value of my belongings inside my luggage is more than double what my insurance are able to pay out. I have certain items inside which are completely irreplaceable.

I hope that the bag will be located and sent back but should it never turn up and be reported missing indefinitely, I believe that I am entitled to some form of compensation from the airline.

I can be reached on my mobile (203-292-02-193); I would appreciate an update as soon as possible.


(Your name)

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