How to Claim Compensation or Refund for Train Problems

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Getting a Refund for a Cancelled or Delayed Train - Free Sample

Dear Customer Service Relations,

I was recently booked on the (TGV/X to X Express etc.) train, leaving (location) on (day/month/year) at (time).

Upon arriving at the station approximately 20 minutes prior to the train's departure time, we were informed that due to an unexpected (details of reasons for the delay of your particular train that day), the train was not due to leave for another (1 hour).

Those travellers who were able to seemed to be planning on waiting on the train however, I had (a plane to catch/ important meeting etc.) which did not allow me the extra time to be able to wait for train No. (395) to leave (name) station.

Employees at the station ticketing office were unable to give me a simple ticket exchange for the next immediate train I could take and informed me that in order for me to receive my refund, I must write directly to customer services.

As a result, I was left no choice but to purchase a completely new ticket for the (time) train to (destination), train No. (434) that got me to my destination on time.

I hope that (company name) will provide me with a refund of my original ticket as soon as possible considering the circumstances that I encountered on my day of travel.

Please find enclosed a copy of my ticket for your records.



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