How to Write a Speeding Ticket Appeal Letter or Fight a Parking Ticket

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Sample Plea Letter to Judge For Speeding Ticket - Free Example

Dear (name),

I recently received a speeding ticket when driving along the (Road Name & No.) on the (day/month/year) at approximately (time).

My license plate number is: (HRP3042L) and the ticket number issued: (305490219).

I believe that this ticket has been given to me incorrectly and that in fact the cameras caught the driver just before me who was driving very fast, but managed to get away and I instead, was captured on camera.

I am a very careful driver, always respecting the speed limit and find it frightening to drive faster than (30mph). I usually stick to the slow lane, preferring to enjoy the drive and be completely at ease with my surroundings.

It is really not at all possible that I was speeding, I have been driving for (30) years and have always respected and followed the road rules, no matter where I have driven in the world.

I really do believe that you have the wrong person on camera and would appreciate if you removed the ticket from my records as soon as possible.

I await your positive reply regarding this matter,



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