How to Write a Speeding Ticket Appeal Letter or Fight a Parking Ticket

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Disputing a Traffic Violation? Here's What to Know

When disputing a traffic violation, it's crucial to understand the process and the factors that may influence your judgement. Before beginning any dispute, be sure to read up on the specific state laws and procedures - many states have variations of traffic violations, and thus have different processes for disputing them. Knowing where and how to best approach your case can make all the difference in a positive outcome.

Additionally, participants in these proceedings need to consider the use of witnesses or other evidence, should they be able to provide any. Expertise in this area can even provide an edge, as experienced legal advisors can help build a defence or refute arguments from the prosecution. With knowledge and tact, any individual can build a strong case for disputing a traffic violation.

Need to Fight a Traffic Violation? Tips for Disputing the Charge

If you want to appeal a speeding ticket or fight a parking ticket, you'll need to write a letter explaining why you believe the ticket was issued in error. Here's a step-by-step guide to writing an appeal letter:

  • Begin by stating the ticket number and the date it was issued. Example: "I am writing to appeal ticket number 12345, which was issued on January 1, YEAR."
  • Explain why you believe the ticket was issued in error. This could be due to an error on the ticket, such as a mistake in the date or location, or because you feel the ticket was unjustly issued. Gather evidence. This may include photos of the location where the violation occurred, witness statements, and any other relevant documentation to support your claim.
  • Request that the ticket be dismissed. Clearly state that you’re appealing the ticket and ask that it be dismissed. Example: "I am requesting that the ticket be dismissed due to the circumstances outlined above."
  • Provide any additional supporting evidence. This could include witness statements, photos of the location where the ticket was issued, or other relevant documentation. Example: "In support of my appeal, I have included a copy of the photo taken by my dashboard camera at the time the ticket was issued. As you can see, the speed limit was not clearly marked and I was following the flow of traffic."
  • Conclude your letter by thanking the court for considering your appeal and restating your request that the ticket be dismissed. Example: "Thank you for considering my appeal. I respectfully request that the ticket be dismissed." Be sure to sign and date the letter, and include your contact information.
  • After writing your appeal letter, you'll need to submit it to the court or agency that issued the ticket. You may also need to appear in court to present your case. In any case, you should consider hiring an attorney that can help you build a strong case and represent you in court.

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Pleading for a Speeding or Parking Ticket? Adapt our Free Templates

Example Plea for a Speeding Ticket

Dear (name),

I recently received a speeding ticket when driving along the (Road Name & No.) on the (day/month/year) at approximately (time).

My license plate number is: (HRP3042L) and the ticket number issued: (305490219).

I believe that this ticket has been given to me incorrectly and that in fact the cameras caught the driver just before me who was driving very fast, but managed to get away and I instead, was captured on camera.

I am a very careful driver, always respecting the speed limit and find it frightening to drive faster than (30mph). I usually stick to the slow lane, preferring to enjoy the drive and be completely at ease with my surroundings.

It is really not at all possible that I was speeding, I have been driving for (30) years and have always respected and followed the road rules, no matter where I have driven in the world.

I really do believe that you have the wrong person on camera and would appreciate if you removed the ticket from my records as soon as possible.

I await your positive reply regarding this matter,



Example to Contest a Parking Ticket

Dear [Parking Authority],

I am writing to contest the parking ticket that was issued to me on [date] at [location]. I believe the ticket was issued in error and I would like to request that it be dismissed.

The ticket was issued while my vehicle was parked at [location]. I had parked there because I was visiting a friend who lives in the area. At the time the ticket was issued, I had a valid parking permit displayed on my dashboard.

I have included a copy of the parking permit as well as a copy of the ticket for your review. As you can see, the permit was clearly visible and the expiration date had not yet passed.

I understand that it is my responsibility to park legally, and I always make sure to follow the rules and regulations of the area. However, in this case, I believe the ticket was issued in error. I respectfully request that the ticket be dismissed.

Thank you for considering my appeal.


[Your Name]

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