Letter Thanking a Friend for Helping During a Move

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How to Write a Thank You Card (Free Sample for Helping Me Move)

Dear (John & Samantha),

(I/We) want to really thank you both for your indispensible help (last week) during my stressful moving process to (the new place/my new office etc.).

The day went by so quickly and I was so worried that I wouldn't be organized enough but with both of you there with me everything went better than expected for me!

I know it's not the most fun of jobs: packing, unpacking, taping, un-taping, wrapping and unwrapping but our joking around and little ‘on the job' impromptu lunch we organized ourselves just made the day all that more bearable and memorable!

(I/We) (am/are) in the middle of finding the new little homes for all of our belongings and doing even more clearing out and organizing! Once the storm has passed, (I/We) look forward treating you both to a relaxing dinner.

In the mean time, this was just a small reminder and thank you to show (my/our) great appreciation for your sweat and laughter on the day (I/we) needed it the most!

Thanks again,

(your name/s)

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