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Dear (Mr. Thomas),

I am very much interested by your recent advertisement as listed in (Sous Chef Daily) for the available position of Apprentice Chef at (name of hotel/restaurant/Brasserie).

I recently completed my Senior Fist Aid certification and hold a (list your education diploma) in (Culinary Arts) from (name of university/school). I would very much like to advance in my career and believe that I am ready for this position of Apprentice Chef that you are offering.

The job requirements appear to be far more challenging and varied than those I know and have grown used to at my current job at (name of current job/restaurant etc.). I would like to expand my knowledge, learn new responsibilities and be able to further my career within the field.

I have for the last (3) years been working as an Apprentice Chef where my responsibilities were:

- Clearing the kitchen stations of all unnecessary utensils and food.

- Clearing/cleaning cooking vessels and utensils from all the work surfaces and sinks.

- Chopping, peeling various vegetables for prep

- Daily verification of our dairy products expiration dates and disposing of any out of date products.

- General assistance in food presentation for selected events.

The opportunity with you at (name of Restaurant/Hotel) I feel would allow me to express my culinary expertise and valuable, gained experience through a larger array of tasks and responsibilities.

I am a fast learner and work well in a team.

I believe that I would excel at menu suggestions and planning, cooking meals, guiding the serving staff as to what the daily/weekly specials were all while being able to continue to learn along side the chefs during their daily tasks.

I wish to thank you for your time today and I very much hope to hear from you soon and being given the opportunity to discuss your expectations further.


(Your name + full contact details)

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