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Subject : Application for the position of [Job]

Dear (name),

I recently completed the (name of the electrical industry course/diploma) specialising in (XYZ). I have been working at (name of current employment) for (123) years now and am currently looking to broaden my skills and experience further.

I learnt of your company through a friend who has used your services in the past. They had nothing but good to say about your excellent work force, dedicated to customer service and providing a quick response rate to problems.

This high recommendation prompted me to write to you today, hoping to be able to demonstrate that I would prove to be a welcome and valid member of your team.

I am dedicated to my trade, an enthusiastic, self-motivated individual with a need to carry out meticulous work to the highest standards.

I do not know whether you may or may not have an opening for a (specialist field) electrician at (name of company) but I am hoping that my practical knowledge and understanding of the trade together with my passion for what I do will create a space with your team.

I have enclosed my Resume, please do not hesitate should you have any further questions or require references and I thank your for the time taken today to read my letter.

Looking forward to being able to meet you,

Kind Regards


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