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Dear Mr. Hawks,

Having viewed your recent advertisement in the (publication “Homes Digest”) regarding the Stone Mason position you are currently seeking, I would hereby like to present myself to you and your reputable company for consideration.

I am a graduate of (name of school) where I majored in (your major). I have also completed an (internship/course) at (name of a masonry school/course if you have this too). I have been actively seeking employment with a well-reputed firm such as (name of this company) to (launch/further) my career.

I am a very quick learner and eager to learn and be a part of an efficient team. I have had a strong interest in construction and as a result have a strong knowledge of the work ethics and procedures required in this highly competitive field.

I believe that I have the skills required to be a valued member of your professional team and I would be honoured to be able to be a part of it and the future projects that (name of company) has planned for the near future.

My hands on experience can be viewed in full in the accompanying C.V/Resume, here are some of my key talents:

Inventory, preparation & transportation of relevant tools needed for a job

(Please list here some of your key areas of experience from past jobs)

I am confidant that my past experience and knowledge would prove to be beneficial to your already experienced team. I am an eager to start as soon as possible.

Please contact me for further information or to discuss your needs in more detail.


(Your name)

(Your signature)

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