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Sample response to advertised position (seasonal employment)

Dear Mr Devenny,

I am writing in response to the post advertised in Local Newpaper (ref. 1000B) for the position of Part time waiter within your restaurant.

I enclose a copy of my Curriculum Vitiate along with the equal opportunities monitoring form as set out in the job specification.

I am currently a student of English Literature at University Of London. I have experience working as both a cook and waiter in my home town, Selby.

I really enjoyed the work and have gained a range of skills such as silver service and effective communication with the customer.

This position interests me on as it is part time and the hours fit well with my studies. You have also offered the opportunity to work front of house.

I enjoy talking to people and have a very open nature and this kind of work motivates me. I am always friendly and polite and I realise that working front of house requires a person like this.

I should inform you that I have one week of holidays already planned from the 15th February to the 21st April (inclusive).

I believe I can bring an enthusiastic, helpful and hardworking team player to your restaurant.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any further information.

Yours Sincerely,

Samuel Holland


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