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Senior Restaurant General Manager : Mc Donald's, Burger King, KFC

Regarding: Available position for Restaurant Manager at (The Kala Inn).

Dear (Mrs. Smith),

I was extremely pleased to find the recent job advertisement in the (Times Tribune) on (Tuesday). I have been working in the Food and Beverage sector for over (8) years now, continuously striving to expand my knowledge and experience while providing a 5-star service to clients.

I am currently working at (The Belview Hotel & Bar) where I am the (Assistant Manager). I am extremely organised, a good communicator and have a very high level for attention to detail. One of my current job responsibilities at (The Belview Hotel & Bar) has been to oversee and control overall staff efficiency by improving the daily work schedule for us all.

I am proud to have been able to greatly improve time management issues that were present when I first took on the job and became a member of the team. Problem solving is also a large part of my daily duties, dealing with customer complaints and choosing the appropriate yet satisfactory direction to take, for both the customer and the restaurant.

I wish to hereby, formally request the opportunity to meet you for an interview as soon as possible to be able to discuss the position further.

Please find (enclosed/attached) my (Resume/CV.)

I thank you for your time today and am very much looking forward to hearing from you,


(your name).

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