Barman - Barmaid Job Cover Letter Free Example

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Easy to adapt for Entry Level, Bar Staff, Server Bartender no experience

Dear (Mrs. Johnson)

I recently came across your listing in (name of publication) for the job opportunity at (name of bar/restaurant). I am currently (explain where you are working and what position you hold there)

I recently completed my (mention any certification that you hold from a reputed bartending school) and am eager to start working in a highly professional environment where I am able to exercise my skills to their highest possible levels.

I enjoy a high-energy atmosphere and meeting new people. I am easy to talk to and know how to put a person at ease, both of which I believe are indispensable character traits required to be a success at bar tending. Being a welcoming presence for the customer, while also looking out for them when they need a friend is what keeps a happy customer coming back and becoming a loyal client.

I would like to be given the opportunity to demonstrate my professionalism in person and discuss the opportunities available with the position at (name of bar or restaurant).

You may contact me on my mobile phone during the hours of (please specify your available times for calls).

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


(your name in full)

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