How to Report an Unsafe or Unhealthy Food Experience (Hygiene Issue Complaint)

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Why You Should Inform About a Dirty Restaurant?

Dirty restaurants or canteens can be the root cause of serious health issues and foodborne illnesses. This is why it’s important to inform about any unsanitary practices or uncleanliness you observe at a restaurant. Whether it's suspiciously spoiled ingredients, unwashed produce, or an overall filthy kitchen, speaking up can help protect other diners.

By informing the appropriate authorities or the restaurant management about the issue, you can help prevent these health risks and ensure that the restaurant takes steps to improve its hygiene practices. Additionally, reporting a dirty restaurant can hold the establishment accountable for its actions and ensure that it takes responsibility for maintaining a clean and safe environment for its customers.

Need to Report a Food Safety Issue? Our Tips for Protecting Customers

If you have experienced an unsafe or unhealthy food experience due to hygiene issues at a restaurant, there are a few steps you can take to report the problem:

  1. Collect as much information as possible about the incident. This might include the date and time of your visit, the name and location of the restaurant, and any specific details about the food or hygiene issues you encountered.
  2. Contact the restaurant management. You can either speak with a manager in person at the restaurant or call or email the restaurant directly to report the issue. Be sure to provide specific details about the problem and ask for a response or resolution.
  3. Contact the local health department. Most cities and towns have a health department that is responsible for regulating and inspecting restaurants. You can report the issue to the health department by calling or emailing them or by filling out a complaint form on their website.
  4. Write a complaint letter. You can also document the issue by writing a formal complaint letter. This can be sent to the restaurant management, the local health department, or both. Be sure to include all of the relevant information about the incident, as well as any specific requests or demands you have.
  5. Consider sharing your experience online. If you’re unhappy with the response or resolution, you receive from the restaurant or health department, you may want to consider sharing your experience online through social media or review sites. This can help bring attention to the issue and potentially prevent others from having a similar experience.

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Example of Complaint Letters for Reporting Restaurant Hygiene Violations

Sending a Complaint to the Health Department (Restaurant's Poor Hygiene)

Dear (name),

I am writing today regarding the restaurant (name of restaurant), located at (full address details) where I recently experienced an event which disgusted me so much that I will never return to the restaurant again.

I highly suggest that the Department of Health & Hygiene investigates their health and safety licence, as well as the cleanliness of their food serving areas, kitchens and general hygiene of the staff preparing and serving the food to customers.

Going out to eat is supposed to be one of life's pleasures, something to be enjoyed, where the customer puts their trust in the restaurant's reputation as well as food hygiene in the kitchen.

During my recent visit to (name of restaurant) I ordered (details of the dish). Only moments after starting to eat I noticed (details of what you found in your dish). I immediately felt sick and called over the staff.

They apologized and removed my dish and asked me if I wanted something else! I declined to order something else, as my appetite was completely gone, I asked for some tea. My partner who was with me and had ordered the same thing, no longer wanted to eat their meal either, as knowing that the dishes were prepared together in the same kitchen was enough to put us both off the food.

When the bill arrived, I was surprised there was a bill at all! With such an incident, the restaurant should have made the entire meal and tea complimentary! My tea was not even complimentary! Complete lack of customer service and the entire experience has disgusted me that I will never go there again.

Please look into the matter; this restaurant should be closed down for severe lack of hygiene!



Complaint Email Template for Unsatisfactory Food and Service

Subject: Complaint About Poor Food Hygiene and Unsatisfactory Service

Dear [Restaurant Manager],

I am writing to express my concern about the poor food hygiene and unsatisfactory service I experienced at your restaurant on [date] at [time].

I was extremely disappointed with the hygiene standards of the food I was served. [Describe any specific hygiene issues you observed, such as dirty utensils, visibly dirty or contaminated food, etc.] This is a serious issue that poses a risk to the health and well-being of your customers.

In addition, the service I received was also subpar. [Describe any issues with the service, such as slow service, rude staff, etc.] This only compounded my concern about the hygiene of the food I was served.

I am concerned about the poor hygiene standards at your restaurant and the impact this could have on the health of your customers. I hope that steps will be taken to ensure that similar issues do not occur in the future.

I feel that I was wronged by my recent visit to your restaurant and would like you to make amends for this. I request a full refund for the meal along with an apology for the inconvenience caused.

I hope to hear back from you soon.


[Your Name]

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