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Subject : Application for the position of [Job]

Dear Ms. (Parsons)

I am writing to formally introduce myself in response to the advertisement listed in (name of publication) regarding the job opening with (name of company) for a Hygiene Controller/Manager.

I have (X) years experience in the industry, having worked my way steadily up from (name of first position within the industry) at (name of old company) to (name of current position held) at (name of current place of employment), where I currently manage a team of (10) employees on a (daily) basis.

I have a heightened attention to detail and this has proven over the years in my career to be one of my most valuable assets, effortlessly ensuring that the factory floor is kept in a continuous state of extreme cleanliness to the highest standards and above.

I believe that a clean production environment is achieved through the accumulation, formation and sustaining of teams of similarly motivated individuals who enjoy multi-tasking within the framework of their job.

You will find my career experience and knowledge concerning food Safety & Hygiene, production method standards and quality control in my (Resume/CV) that I have (enclosed/ attached) for you.

I hope to be considered for the position and believe that I would be a highly appreciated addition to the team who's priority would be to maintain all services on site at their optimum, hygienic standards through team work and staff motivation.

Thank you for your consideration.


(your name + signature)

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