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Dear (name),

I am currently employed at (name of restaurant) as a sous chef in the main kitchen. My duties include assisting the head cook in all areas of preparations to completion of main course dishes during our lunch and dinner services as well as inventory management.

I graduated from (name of culinary school) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Culinary Arts, as I have always been passionate about baking. There was no position for a pastry chef at my current place of employment and was assured that a spot would open up for me within 6 months but nothing has and I am now seeking new employment in the field that I studied for and love.

I admire all the positive industry reviews that circulate about (name of restaurant etc.) as being one of the leading (French) restaurants in (city name) and one that is at the forefront of providing its diners with new culinary experiences.

I believe that my qualifications and passion for creating delectable pastry would allow me to become a valid member of your kitchen's pastry chef team. Recipe creation using new and exciting flavour combinations is an area that I focused on during my degree and I am confident that I would be able to entice new as well as loyal customers to become avid fans of (name of restaurant) patisserie offerings.

I hope to be able to meet in person and demonstrate my dedication, competence and enthusiasm for a position with you team.

Thank you for your time today,



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