Mechanical Engineering Job Cover Letter Free Example

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Easy to adapt for Apprenticeship, Process engineer Entry Level

Dear Mr. Right,

I recently came across the advertisement listed in (the name of publication) for the Mechanical Engineer position available at (name of company).

I am extremely interested in the job, I believe that I am highly qualified and perfect for the responsibilities and tasks required, which seem to match perfectly with what you are seeking in a professional for the position.

I am currently employed at (name of company) where I have enjoyed being an important team player in the development of the (give an example of the product) where I (give details of what you did specifically on this project.).

My core responsibilities have been to develop layouts for (details), working on project budgeting directly with contractors, as well as liaising with colleagues on project specifics.

My job has also included visiting factories in (country/city or town) to oversee production.

I have a very high attention to detail and constantly look out for new ways on how to improve efficiency as well as company budget spending on required parts and (add anything which you feel is worth mentioning in relation to this here.).

I hope to be able to interview for this position in person, I believe that it is the perfect job for me and that I would be a strong addition to your professional team of engineers. I am committed to reaching goals within often tight and very demanding time frames for production, I enjoy the challenge and always get excited by the sense of accomplishment received at the end of a project.

I wish to thank you for your time today in reading this letter.

Please find enclosed my Resume/CV for further consideration.


(Your name, position title & company)

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