How to Write a Sabbatical Request Letter: Example and Writing Tips

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What is a Sabbatical Leave?

A sabbatical leave is a period of extended time off from work, typically granted to employees who have been with a company for a certain number of years. The purpose of a sabbatical leave is to allow employees to pursue personal or professional interests, such as traveling, studying, or volunteering, without having to worry about their job or income.

Sabbatical leaves are usually granted for a specific period of time, such as six months to a year, and may be paid or unpaid depending on the company's policies and the personnel's agreement. Some companies also have specific requirements for sabbatical leaves, such as requiring employees to submit a proposal outlining their plans for the leave and how it will benefit their personal and professional development.

Sabbatical leaves can be a valuable benefit for employees, as they provide a break from the demands of work and allow employees to recharge and return to their jobs with renewed energy and focus. However, sabbatical leaves can also be challenging for employers, as they require finding temporary replacements for workers who are on leave and managing the workload during their absence.

How to Apply for a Professional Sabbatical?

The first step in writing a sabbatical request letter is to research your company's policy on sabbaticals. While some companies encourage employees to take sabbaticals, others may view them as a nuisance. It's important to know where your company stands on the issue before you begin crafting your letter. Here are some tips for writing a sabbatical request letter:

  1. Start by addressing the letter to your direct supervisor or the appropriate person in your company's HR department.
  2. Explain the reason for your request, such as to pursue personal or professional interests, travel, or take time off for personal reasons.
  3. Mention any relevant company policies or requirements for sabbatical leaves, and provide any necessary supporting documentation, such as a proposal outlining your plans for the leave.
  4. If your sabbatical leave will be paid or unpaid, mention this in the letter and provide any relevant information, such as the amount of unused vacation time or paid time off you have available.
  5. Offer to work with your supervisor and team to ensure a smooth transition during your absence, and provide contact information where you can be reached while on leave.
  6. Thank your employer for considering your request and express your enthusiasm for the opportunity to take a sabbatical leave.

Finally, remember to keep your letter concise—no more than one page—and polite. Sabbaticals are typically viewed as a privilege rather than a right, so it's important not to come across as entitled or demanding in your letter.

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Need Writing an Application Letter for a Sabbatical Leave? Here is a Template

Example of an Effective Sabbatical Application

Dear (name),

I would like to hereby formally request the opportunity to take a (6/12) month sabbatical leave, commencing 6 months from today, on (day/month/year).

I have been (your position) at (name) university for (X) years and would like to conclude my research on (full details of your project/work).

I hope to be able to accomplish this life goal that I have been working towards since (date) and return to the faculty with a renewed sense of energy, sense of self accomplishment and indispensable research which will be available to the university via my future students and my course directions.

I believe that the (research/or course) will provide the university with (benefits you wish to list).

During my time off, I will be (travelling to) / (working from home) and will be available should the university need to be in touch.

I have enclosed further information regarding my aims to achieve at the end of my sabbatical and am very much looking forward to taking the time off for this experience I have been working so hard to see come to fruition.


(your name & teaching position)

Sample of a Basic Sabbatical Request (to be Expanded)

Dear [Supervisor's Name],

I am writing to request a sabbatical leave from [start date] to [end date].

The reason for my request is [explain reason for sabbatical]. I have been with the company for [number of years] and am eligible for a sabbatical leave according to [company policies or requirements]. I have attached a proposal outlining my plans for the leave and how it will benefit my personal and professional development.

My sabbatical leave will be [paid/unpaid]. I have [amount of unused vacation time/PTO] remaining, and I am eligible for [amount of paid time off].

I am happy to work with my team to ensure a smooth transition during my absence. I can be reached at [contact information] while on leave.

Thank you for considering my request. I am excited about the opportunity to take a sabbatical leave and am looking forward to [plans for sabbatical].


[Your Name] / [Contact information]

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