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How to Write Sponsorship Proposal Letter

Dear ____,

We are sending you this invitation letter in order to inform you of our event BIG MOVE and also to request sponsorship from you. BIG MOVE is a charity event that helps those who cannot afford a place to live. We intend to raise funds for housing projects in and around the UK.

BIG MOVE is inviting sponsors to help us complete funding. You can find a list of our other sponsors attached with this letter.

This event is organised each year and spans over several months. Concerts, galas and gaming events all help to raise money for these important projects.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this event then you can benefit from various advertising packages and indeed, tickets to the various events.

Should this offer interest you, please do not hesitate to contact our finances department on the number included on the top of this letter; more information concerning the BIG MOVE project is included with this letter.


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