Grant Application Cover Letter - Free Example

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How To Write a Letter Requesting Funding From a Business Foundation or Company

Dear (name),

I have been advised to contact you regarding securing a business grant for a new company that I wish to set up.

I have been working on this project for (1) year now and am finally ready to put all the pieces together to get the venture started and to successfully move forward.

Based on my intensive market study, I estimate that I will be needing a capital of ($000.00) as an initial set up fee, followed by ($000.00) every (3) months in order to allow planned growth within the company.

I unfortunately do not have the funds available to me to cover this set up and would very much appreciate if you would consider providing me with a young business entrepreneurial grant for the project.

I have enclosed a presentation detailing what the company's primary dealings will be, including my targets and ideas for future expansion.

I hope that you will see the potential in my planned business and support me in this endeavour.



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