How to Write a Salary Increase Letter: Example and Writing Tips

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When to Request a Pay Raise?

Requesting a pay raise is an important part of career advancement, but it can be difficult for many individuals to navigate. It's crucial that you make sure the timing is right, so as to maximize the chances of success.

For example, it’s appropriate to request a pay increment when you have consistently performed well and exceeded expectations in your job, have taken on additional responsibilities, have gained new skills and experience that add value to the company or if you have received a job offer from another company with a higher salary.

Also a good idea to ask a salary increase if you have been with the company for a significant amount of time and haven’t received a raise in a while or if the company has experienced growth and increased profits. Whatever the reasons, it’s essential to discuss your request with your manager or supervisor and to provide evidence of your contributions and value to the firm, and it can start with a letter or an email.

How to Ask for a Raise?

Writing a raise letter is an important step to negotiating compensation with your employer. Although it can feel intimidating, the process doesn't have to be complicated when you take the right approach. Here are some tips for writing a successful raise letter:

  • Address the letter to the appropriate person, such as your supervisor or the head of human resources.
  • Start by explaining why you believe you deserve a raise, such as by highlighting your accomplishments and the value you have brought to the company. Be specific and provide examples to support your claim.
  • Provide details about the amount of the raise you’re requesting, and explain why this increase is fair and reasonable. Consider researching the market rate for your position and industry to support your request.
  • Be professional and polite in your language, and avoid being confrontational or aggressive. Remember that you’re asking for a favour, and expressing your gratitude can go a long way.
  • Express your gratitude for the opportunity to work at the company and your commitment to continuing to contribute to its success.
  • Make sure to proofread your letter for spelling and grammar errors, and to ensure that it’s well-written and organized.
  • Keep your letter brief and to the point, and avoid providing unnecessary information. Focus on the main points you want to convey and make sure they’re clear and concise.
  • Consider including a copy of your most recent performance review or other supporting documentation to further support your request.
  • Be prepared to follow up with your employer if you don’t receive a response within a reasonable amount of time. You may need to schedule a meeting to discuss your request in person.

Remember to be patient and persistent. It may take time for your employer to consider and respond to your request, and you may need to follow up multiple times to get the raise you deserve.

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Need to Ask for a Pay Raise? Here are Templates for Letter / Email

Request Letter for Salary Increment

Dear (name),

I would like to arrange a meeting with you to be able to sit down and review my current salary.

I thought this would be an appropriate moment to discuss an increase following the recent closure on the (name/explanation) deal that I spearheaded and successfully managed to secure for us for the next (12) months.

I have now been with the company for (18 months etc.) with no review of salary since my start date, which I am somewhat disappointed with as I we had agreed to review my salary after the initial 5 months.

I very much enjoy working at (name of company), I feel challenged as I had hoped I would before joining the team, my position has provided me with new responsibilities I enjoy the variety of the job and the daily responsibilities which are constantly adapting to our needs.

I hope to be able to grow at (name of company) and continue being a positive addition to the team.

I was hired for my (list personal skills) and I believe that I have proven my competence and dedication over the last (18 months etc.).

I have been made to feel that you are satisfied with me performance, work ethics, drive and positive changes I have brought to the company which leads me to hope that my request will be well considered and accepted.


(name + position)

Requesting a Merit-based Salary Increase

Dear [Employer],

I am writing to request a raise in my salary. I believe that I have made significant contributions to the company and have consistently exceeded expectations in my role for over two years now.

In the past year, I have [list specific accomplishments and contributions]. I am confident that my hard work and dedication have had a positive impact on the company, and I believe that I deserve to be compensated accordingly.

I am requesting a raise of [requested amount] per year. I understand that this may require some consideration, but I believe that it is a fair and reasonable request based on my contributions and the value I have brought to the company.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request. I am grateful for the opportunity to work at this company, and I look forward to continuing to contribute to its success.


[Your Name]

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