How to write a Request Letter for Salary Increment

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Writing a Letter asking for a Pay Raise - Free Example

Dear (name),

I would like to arrange a meeting with you to be able to sit down and review my current salary.

I thought this would be an appropriate moment to discuss an increase following the recent closure on the (name/explanation) deal that I spearheaded and successfully managed to secure for us for the next (12) months.

I have now been with the company for (18 months etc.) with no review of salary since my start date, which I am somewhat disappointed with as I we had agreed to review my salary after the initial 5 months.

I very much enjoy working at (name of company), I feel challenged as I had hoped I would before joining the team, my position has provided me with new responsibilities I enjoy the variety of the job and the daily responsibilities which are constantly adapting to our needs.

I hope to be able to grow at (name of company) and continue being a positive addition to the team.

I was hired for my (list personal skills) and I believe that I have proven my competence and dedication over the last (18 months etc.).

I have been made to feel that you are satisfied with me performance, work ethics, drive and positive changes I have brought to the company which leads me to hope that my request will be well considered and accepted.


(name + position)

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