How to Write a Bank Loan Application Letter - Free Example

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This letter is used for applying loan in a bank of financial institution

Dear (mr/miss etc. + loan manager name),

Following my visit to the bank yesterday where all necessary papers were filed regarding my loan request, here are a few more details pertaining to the loan.

I have been a long-standing customer with (name of bank) for over (number) years now and I recently applied for a (personal/company) loan of ($/€ amount). This loan will allow me to pay for (reason needed) which I have been planning for some time now.

My preferred loan structure, after much thought, is a (secured/unsecured) loan. I believe this is the best option for me and I also hope to be able to pay it off within (X years).

I prefer to take out a shorter loan period rather than the popular long term packages, and therefore hope that you will be able to see this as a positive factor in granting me this loan.

I am currently employed at (company name) and have been the (name of position) for (No. of years). Should you require any references or further information, please do not hesitate to contact (my boss/the HR Dept. etc.) at any time. They can be reached on (tel. no.) or via email on: ([email protected]).

As requested by (Mr./Miss X), please find (enclosed/attached) copies of my most recent bank statements for the last (3/6) months.

I am available to come in and speak with you at any time, I do hope that you will look favorably on my request and I very much look forward to hearing from you.



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