Summer Job for an Investment Banking Institution Cover Letter (Free Example)

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Easy to adapt for Entry Level Bank Job with no experience in hand or Fresh Graduate

Subject : Application for the position of [Job]

Dear Mrs.(Collins),

It was a pleasure (speaking with you over the phone last Tuesday - or similar) and making your acquaintance.

I have been reading (online) about the various openings available with (name of company) for the summer internship programs and am particularly interested in (details of the one you like).

Having graduated from (name of business school) in (month/year) and having (list here some of your recent past achievements in the banking domain), I am confident that my professionalism, acquired skills and adaptability would prove to be beneficial to the company.

Over the past (year) I have gained substantial experience in client/company relations and how to best win and keep new, future and existing clients. I enjoy research and am extremely thorough in all that I do.

Various passed projects (I was involved in) required intensive, background research into the various client needs, researching and developing solutions to problems and later successfully selling them to the client.

I believe that I am a natural leader, enjoy building and working with teams. In (year/month) I (give an example of a project you were in charge of where you chose and led a team or built a team to later prove to be a successful business model or similar).

I would very much enjoy being able to demonstrate these strengths in (name of company)'s summer internship program.

I am excited for what the future holds for me, I am eager to continue developing my skills and professionalism for my future career in Investment Banking.

I hope that my attached C.V/Resume will demonstrate my experience and suitability for your company's summer internship program. I am available to meet with you for further discussion or any questions that you might have.

Thank you for your time today,


(full name)

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