Financial related job Cover Letter (Free Example for entry level)

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Easy to adapt for internship, fresh graduate advisor, trader with no experience

Dear (Sir, Madame, Mr. Name, Mrs. Name, Miss Name)

I would like to take this brief moment to introduce myself and demonstrate my interest in the Entry-Level position available with ("XYZ Investment Bank").

I am currently in my final year at (name of university) where I am completing my (name of degree) in (name of degree). During these past (No.of years) I have honed my skills in investments, financial structuring and understanding of the large responsibilities required in order to be a successful financial specialist, whether it be for private investments, trading or other areas within the sector.

I have been interested in finance since a young child, perhaps intrigued more than having an adequate understanding, this led me to pursue my studies in order to build my career on a solid foundation.

Some of my areas of expertise & achievements are:

  • - Market Research & analysis for targeted projects,
  • - Administrative skills such as (list some)
  • - Managed & respected necessary project budgets,
  • - Developed my self-confidence to function & succeed in a competitive environment.

Please find enclosed my C.V (U.K) / Resume (U.S.A) for further information.

I am hopeful that you will appreciate my experience and professionalism and agree that I would be a welcome asset to (name of company) and invite me for an interview.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

(Your name)

(Your signature)

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