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Dear Mr/Ms. Jones,

I was very pleased to come across your advertisement (on / (in the Daily Post Newspaper etc.) (yesterday morning) concerning the available position of (name of position). I am currently employed at (CPC Accountants) in (city) as an (state your position). I have been working with them for over (3) years now but no longer feel able to grow any further within the company as I had hoped when I accepted the position.

I have recently been looking for a new opportunity where I will be able to take on more responsibilities as well as merge my strong administrative skills with my experience of working within a large, corporate environment. The position with your firm as advertised seems to not only fit in with my personality and core values, but the professional expectations are what I believe reflect my strengths and capabilities extremely well and excite me for future growth.

I enjoy interacting with clients, keeping them informed and up to date of any financial issues on a regular basis in a clear and simple format, as well as identifying, addressing and devising appropriate solutions to any problems along the way.

I have enclosed my C.V (U.K) / Resume (USA) for your further consideration, I would also like to thank you for your time taken today.

I would very much appreciate an opportunity to be able to schedule in a meeting between us and discuss the job in more detail.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


(Your name + Contact details in full).

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