How to Write an Apology Acceptance Letter

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Responding Gracefully to an Apology after a Dispute with a Friend - Free Example

Dear (Moreen),

I got your letter today, I have read it through a couple of times, as I admit the first moment that I saw this was from you, I was tentative, a little worried that your words were going to deepen the feelings that had been stirred up in our disagreement.

You (and I) were both quite disapproving and full of accusations concerning certain things we had both done.

I was happy however to have read your change in tone. I too have done a lot of thinking over the past (few weeks) and have managed to organize my thoughts and realize why I also felt so hurt by your disapproving thoughts.

I understand better what upset you so much as well, I know how (here give some relevant details relating to the disagreement that you both had which remain personal to the other person, so that they feel understood by you). I realise now, with the time that has past that not everything is so black and white.

It is the shades of grey that are so often hard to see but that must be looked at and looked at well. They are what bind things together in a balanced and wide angled view... I realize now that not everything is so easily put into the narrow frame of mind' view. Unfortunately it is far simpler to think fast in this way than to pause in the moment.

I am so happy that you wrote, and I do indeed very much appreciate and accept your heart felt apology. I value and cherish our friendship far too much as well to let something get in the way like this. We have remained close friends for such a long time that the relationship is of such a close nature that it is only normal that we have arguments and disagree from time to time.

I think this makes for a healthy friendship and leaves room for improvement!

Looking forward to meeting and discussing things more calmly and to many more years of friendship!

(Your name)

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