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Dear Mr./Ms. (Klein),

Regarding: Senior Development Manager - Marketing

It was a pleasure speaking with you over the telephone (yesterday/this morning etc.) regarding the available position as well as learning about the specific company needs that you feel are currently lacking and are looking to be addressed.

I would hereby like to confirm my interest in the opportunity, which was only heightened following our telephone conversation. I have over (10 etc.) years experience in marketing, having worked for both (company 1) and (company 2) in (city/cities) where I am currently employed.

I have over the last 6 months been searching for a new job opening with a company that I believe would be able to challenge me while using my talents to their utmost in the realm of business development; The area which I am most comfortable in with a proven, successful track record.

I would be honoured/(honored u.s.a) to become a member of the senior development team at (name of company), managing and driving them to achieve the out of the box, thought provoking, aggressive marketing approach which I consider to be fundamental in reaching outlined sales targets while improving sales results with already existing clients.

This is most definitely a key component to be worked to its maximum potential while providing team support at every step of the process.

I have (enclosed/attached) my (CV/Resume) detailing my professional history and achievements.

I sincerely hope that you are and will be further pleased with my enthusiasm and sure dedication to the job should I have the opportunity to fill the position at (name of company).

I thank you for your time and consideration,

Kind regards,

(Your name + signature)

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