Production Management Job Cover Letter Free Example

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Easy to adapt for internship, Product Marketing Coordinator, Production Planner

Dear (Mr. Crawford),

I am hereby writing in response to the current listing on ( for the Product Manager position with you at (name of the company).

I have been working with (name of your current place of employment) for (4 years) now as a (name of current position). During my time here I have been (give some details of any special projects or achievements you have attained and been highly involved in) and I am now contemplating a change of work environment.

I have a strong background in (name your area/s of expertise) and have gained substantial experience and knowledge in (details).

The job specifications and expectations as listed in the brief advertisement for the job and position, appear to be exactly the areas I have been looking to expand on, explore and develop to higher levels of professionalism.

These aspects appeal to me a great deal and together with my proven track record of effective team coordination in a fast paced environment demonstrate my ability to work well under pressure while effectively managing the task at hand.

I would very much appreciate the opportunity to be called in for further discussions and formally be interviewed for the position.

I have enclosed a copy of my Resume / C.V for your further consideration.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,


(Your full name and Signature)

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