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Dear (Ms. Simmons),

I am writing concerning the position as advertised on your website ( for a games tester.

My experience with computer games has been extensive, having been passionate about computer games since the age of (15) and having carried through with this passion to adulthood. Over the years, my extensive exposure has allowed me to absorb the different intricacies present in the various, highly marketed and popular game brands and their games on the market.

Aside from my good communication skills and teamwork attitude, I am very particular to the details of what makes a game successful and playable.

My game knowledge spans amongst others these popular (and some not so widely known) games.

(name of game)

(name of game and any other relevant info here in these bullet points.)

(continue until you have listed what you wish to highlight in your gaming experience)

I believe that I would be a good addition to your testing team and will bring to (“xgaming & co”) the level of experience expected to test your highly popular games before market release. I enjoy working in a team atmosphere, bouncing ideas off other colleagues and forming a strong working relationship with my fellow co-workers.

Computer games are often seen as a rather solitary activity but in a testing environment this is countered by the team atmosphere required to really assess a game to it's fullest.

I have enclosed my C.V/Resume for you to look over further; I sincerely hope that you will consider me for the job!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

(your name)

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