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Dear (name),

I am writing in connection to the Web Developer position advertised in (Name of publication). I have been searching for a while for something that looked like it suited me and the opening with your company seems like a perfect fit.

I majored and graduated from University with a (degree name) in (course). Soon after I began working full time for (X company) with a team of (number) website designers to create their (online site etc.).

I am still currently employed at (name of company) and my (number) years with them have been full of exciting challenges and a wonderful learning experience.

I am fully versed in (list programs you are proficient in) but would like to branch out into web application development as our world's technology is growing faster than ever. This area of expertise is fast becoming the way of the future for web development and design so when I saw that this was the key requirement you were seeking I was eager to be in touch.

Languages is also one of my skills, I am fluent in (list languages) and feel that this could provide your already existing team of website builders with an added advantage.

Please find enclosed my Resume with my education and work experience background. Thank you for your time in reading this letter and I hope to be able to meet you for a formal interview and to be considered for this job.



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