Exchange Student Program applicant cover letter

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Letter of motivation for an exchange semester (Like Erasmus, ISEP)

Dear Sir or Madame,

I am writing to express my interest in an externship position with the (Student's Exchange Programme) in the (summer of 2012). I am currently studying (State your field of study) at ("XY" University) in (city/state/country).

This is my (last year) of studies. I hope to work as a (your future work title) in the near future, to build my career and therefore feel that this particular opportunity and experience would greatly benefit my future career path. Maturity, social poise, and the necessity to confront challenges outside a familiar support make me a suitable candidate for this position.

I have for the past (6 months) been practicing in a (where?) in (my hometown). During this time I have learned several basic computer and software skills in the (type such as the job specific) field as well as how to (Here list examples of specialist areas related to the job such as how to log specific data or how to organise the products in question and how etc.). Furthermore, (Here please highlight a noteworthy added experience such as: I assisted the team leader in + example etc.).

Because I am very experienced computer operator and have a very good command of English I will be able to manage any (job specific) software in short time. My studies in combination with my work experience make me a suitable candidate for a (mention here the type of retail store, supermarket or similar that this externship position relates to.).

During the past (number of years) of studies, I have (place a personal accomplishment such as being a group leader or such). My responsibilities are related to (Please specify what responsibilities you had or any extracurricular activities, etc.) These tasks helped me improve mostly my social and organisational skills and I have become more responsible and careful accomplishing my duties. Teamwork is something else that I have learned throughout my experience as well as the way the (job specific tasks such as mechanical work or other related) is conducted in my (faculty).

I think that my team-working ability is essential in a (the place: supermarket etc) and also in (the research field). Here, collaboration is the key to a successful product. (Research) would also be suitable for me because I am about to complete my (name / type of degree) and a new perspective would help me improve my work with new and innovative ideas.

Thank you for your interest in my application and I hope to be presented with a position in either (supermarket etc. or in research). Considering my skills, experience and interests I think I will benefit significantly from this externship and would be able to apply this experience to my future career. I can assure you that I would be an energetic and committed participant in all the activities.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly and I thank you for your time and consideration.


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