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Graduation Ceremony : Presentation of a Diploma - Free Example and Writing Tips

Ladies and Gentlemen:

We would like to welcome you all here today for our (name of event) and wish to thank you all for your support.

This is a traditional day for us here at (name of university etc.), we have been proud to hold this diploma presentation ceremony for our students since (1935). Each year, those graduating receive their final step in their chosen studies, enabling them to now use their newfound knowledge and experience to further their professional career.

We have (5) different categories to present today that are: (list the names of the different categories).

I am honoured to be able to present these diplomas today to you all, I (explain some of your history, why you are able to be presenting today) and I am here today on behalf of (state if you are representing a particular company/organisation).

We will start the (afternoon) off with the (name of) category.

I would like to present this to (Mr. Michael M. Smith/Miss X.), from (city/state or country), who has earned this diploma through (his/her) hard work, dedication to learning and enthusiasm for the subject during the (3 year) course to achieve beyond what was expected of (him/her) at the beginning of (2008) when (he/she) first begun (his/her) studies here at (name of university etc.).

(Michael/Miss X.) has demonstrated some very unique qualities during (his/her) time here with us, (he/she) has the ability to (here you might like to add some of his special qualifications which make the person stand out).

These talents have not only helped (him/her) through his journey of study but have also shown how (he/she) is able to be an involved and well-liked member of the community here at (Name of University) as many of (his/her) friends have shared with me some of (his/her) special personal attributes such as (list a few here).

On that note, would (Michael/Miss X) please come forward.

(Wait until the person is in front of you, present the diploma and read the heading and title out loud as you present it to them).

(Shake their hand and wish them a big congratulation).

If you would like to say a few words please go ahead...

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