How To Write A Father or Mother of The Bride and Groom Toast

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Wedding Speech from the Parents - Free Example and Writing Tips

Good (evening) everybody, to all of our wonderful guests here (tonight), from near or far, we are honoured to have you all here to share in this auspicious event - so a big welcome from the (Webber) family!

I would like to say a few words, for those of you who know me, you know that an occasion isn't complete without me getting up and being the center of attention for a brief 5 minutes!

Today, (name of bride) and (name of groom)'s wedding day, will mark us forever, especially me...that's my little girl all grown up that is now embarking on a whole new journey, a new part of her life.

Today will leave us all with the feelings of celebration and love as well as memories of the years past, what we as the 2 families have experienced through bringing up our children. We can only hope that we did a good job and left them with some strong influences that have so far served them well and will continue to do so throughout their lives.

(Name of mother) & I are so happy to have acquired (name of Groom's mother) and (name of groom's mother), two people we admire and look forward to getting to know even more, along side their extended family and friends.

(Name of bride) has always been the apply of my eye, as so many fathers can understand, there is just simply something magical about your children, the girls though, why do they make it so tough for us fathers!? We see them grow up so fast, I still see her as my little (5) year old angel (share here a memory of an event that marked you during her childhood that will make the audience laugh and smile). She was independent then...and knew best already then...not much has changed (name of groom) have been warned!

As a father, and I can speak for (name of bride)'s mother too here, we have just a few snippets of advice for you today, unsolicited yes, but we are here to share this with you on this special day...Us "old folks" have learnt a thing or two throughout our many years of marriage which I would like to share with you today.

(Name of groom): Enjoy today and the next couple of months - this honeymoon period is sacred and you will miss it when (name of bride) starts to lay down the ground rules!

Remember that a marriage is a partnership, even though it is common knowledge that the man often feels he got the short end of the will remain a 50-50 partnership!

Don't sweat the small stuff, because the big problems and issues that cause conflict are almost always resolved in an adult manner, it is the small, insignificant and petty day-to-day differences, which can cause us to regress and miss-handle the situation!

The key to success is simple....patience, patience, forgiveness, more patience, some tolerance thrown in and last but not least..PATIENCE!

Love from us today and always, here's to you (name of bride) & (name of groom)!

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