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Easy to adapt for Internship, Insurance claims officer, Claims Specialist Worker

Dear Mrs. (name),

I came across the advertisement in the (location of publication) (when) for the available position of Claims Representative with (name of company). I hereby wish to introduce myself and provide a brief history of my professional background and why I believe that I am the perfect candidate for the job.

I am currently employed at (name of current place of employment) where I have been the (name of your position) for the past (2) years.

During my time at (name of current employment) my key responsibilities have been to attend to the key concerns of my clients during the often very stressful claims process.

Having dealt with over (how many?) claims, I have learnt and honed my communication skills so as to be sure to use the perfect combination of words which help to also calm and reassure the customer. This has proved to make the procedure more enjoyable for both sides, as well as keeping the clients loyal for the long term.

I believe that I am the perfect candidate for the position as I have experience dealing with difficult situations and finding appropriate solutions, which are beneficial to both the client and the company, I work well under pressure and enjoy the direct contact with the individuals concerned.

I have enclosed a copy of my Resume/CV for your further considerations and I would very much appreciate the opportunity to be able to meet you in person for a formal interview.

Thank you for your time today,


(Your name)

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