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Dear (name),

I have recently completed my studies at (name) University, where I studied and majored in (name of degree) and graduated with (honours etc).

I am passionate about customer service related goals, targets and necessary points of refinement that can so often go overlooked in large corporations; Yet the world we live in demands high standards of customer service when dealing with companies, big or small.

I am a natural "people person" who cares that others are kept happy and satisfied with what directly affects them in their day-to-day life. Studies have shown that customer loyalty is increased substantially when they are presented with consistent attention to detail and effective problem solving to meet their expectations. For me, no problem is too insignificant or time consuming to be dealt with.

I consider Customer Service within a corporation of extreme importance as it is the first area of company representation seen by new clients, and remains the most accessible contact point for all existing clients. This indirect marketing tool is in effect a natural advertisement, which if done correctly, will be effortlessly passed on by word of mouth via satisfied customers to those near to them.

These factors compliment me and are what make me a perfect candidate for the opening of Customer Service Representative with (name of company). I can quickly become a valuable asset to the team and I hope to be able to grow with the company for many years to come.

I hope to be able to interview for the position in person as soon as possible,

Looking forward to hearing from you,



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