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I am writing today in response of the recent publication in the (Sunshine Times) regarding the opening at (Walker & Co.) for a Director of Communication.

I am currently employed at (name of your current place of work) where I have been (the position) for (3) years.

I would like to (work closer to home/have a more varied list of responsibilities etc.) and your particular job requirements seem to be exactly what I have been searching for.

I have enclosed my C.V/Resume with full details of my career history and achievements, however I would like to present to you here a brief overview of some of my key areas of expertise, gained over my years in the industry.

- (List in a short and precise manner some examples of your experience in the field)

- (Examples): Produced a variety of printed materials for targeted marketing initiatives

- Collaborated on various video projects to support our printed marketing material

- Excellent writing and editing skills: Creation and composition of company newsletters, and website content writing.

- Assessed company needs and created relevant communication strategies for our employees as well as company directors.

I enjoy being a team player and brainstorming with fellow colleagues on ideas that can then be formed into appropriate communications strategies for the company so as to achieve maximum impact to our targeted clients.

I believe in creating a dynamic atmosphere based around the pertinent project that in turn allows other team members to feel heard and intricately involved. I have found through experience that this leads to a far more enjoyable and fulfilling group effort that produces greater long-term results.

One of our company's current initiatives has been to (list any particular company initiative which has required reaching out to other larger companies for the project). During my time here at (name of current place of employment) I have very much enjoyed being able to use my communications skills in such a worthwhile (project/cause etc.).

I would very much like to come in to meet with you for a formal interview.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


(Your name).

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